But First, Coffee – Noisette Blanche

Happy Monday! So much anticipation and productivity on its way this week. But first, coffee …

Today, I’m featuring something a little fancy. Well, at least the name is. It’s called the Noisette Blanche. Translated from French, it means white hazelnut, because … it’s white chocolate and hazelnut. You’ll find the recipe in my e-book, Coffee: The New Cocktail. I love this drink because the flavor is more delicate and subtle. It really brings out the flavor of your cold brew coffee. Just equal parts white chocolate and hazelnut syrups.

But I won’t be able to enjoy it until later becauseĀ I’ve got another front-loaded week, packed with assignments. Including a 9 a.m. interview today for an article.

I’m not sure why I keep letting that happen. One thing about writing for a newspaper is that you just make up your schedule as you go. When people are available to talk to you, that’s when you’re going to talk to them. Of course, it’s no big deal if you can conduct your interview by phone. But having to be dressed in professional clothes and out of the house before 9 a.m. is sort of inconvenient when you’re used to working in slippers and leggings.

But whatever. It’s a good story and I’ve already done most of the legwork for it. This morning’s interview is for some background info and a quote or two. Then it’s off to do errands and then this afternoon I’m interviewing a 101-year-old woman for a senior profile. I bet she’ll have some great stories.

So, that’s my day. Lots more coming this week. Both of these articles are due Wednesday morning, so it looks like Tuesday will be a writing day. And, a good day to curl up with some cold brew.

Are you a cold brew coffee fan?