Affirmations – Actions

Happy Friday! Time for another edition of Affirmations.

Goodness, this has been a busy week. Wrapped up some great assignments and took charge of a few tasks in my personal life, too. It feels great to be able to say that. Some weeks, it can be such a struggle to get anything done at all. Other weeks, it’s a flood of productivity.

I realized something recently, though. And it directly relates to this week’s intentions. That is, I’ve been slowly but surely taking action to improve my life.

Some days, those actions might seem imperceptible. Baby steps, if you prefer that image. But little by little, behind the scenes, I’m still working. Like good writing assignments, many of life’s changes and improvements require research, legwork, the scribbling of ideas, attention to detail, a good thought process, perhaps a little editing, and then a final draft.

It may seem passive because we can feel stuck in the same place until a dramatic turn of events unfolds. But all along, we are taking action. Helping ourselves become something better than we were yesterday.

So, this week my affirmation is:

I am taking action to improve my life. I will continue to focus on progress, no matter how small it may seem.

And with that, I’m off to do a long stretch of free writing, focusing on some of my fiction projects, and then doing some proofreading work for a client. Here’s to a good weekend.

Do you like to use affirmations?