But First, Coffee – DoodleNut


Happy Monday! You know I can’t start the week without coffee. And my preferred drink is cold brew. This week I’m putting the focus on a drink I created called the DoodleNut.

You can find the recipe in my e-book, Coffee: The New Cocktail. It’s only $3.99, less than what you’d probably pay for your favorite coffee treat, and it includes a step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own cold brew concentrate at home, plus 20 delicious recipes, as well as some helpful tips and tricks.

Let’s face it. As writers, aside from putting our butts in our chairs, it’s sort of a secondary job requirement to drink a lot of coffee. It can be our uncredited writing partner,¬†silently standing watch on the corner of our desk. Maybe we write or conduct business in coffee shops. Or perhaps we use coffee as an incentive to meet our writing goals. “Just two more pages and I’ll take a coffee break.”

It’s hard to get away from it. But it can be a costly habit. That’s why I started making my own cold brew at home, and it has saved me tons of money.

So, what is the DoodleNut?

No, it’s not some hybrid dog breed that’s crazy about scribbling illustrations in a notebook. (although that might be kinda cool)

It’s part Snickerdoodle and part Hazelnut. And it’s a great way to enjoy your coffee. I love anything sweet and spicy (like the Donna Special, my signature cold brew creation), and the addition of hazelnut gives it another dimension.

No matter what the week ahead brings you, I hope it’s a productive one. Cheers!

Are you a coffee drinker?