Got questions? Great. I have answers.

What kind of editing do you do?

While I'm primarily a copy editor, I can also do substantive editing and structural editing.

Substantive editing is sometimes called content editing or developmental editing. This is the whole enchilada. Got a hole in your plot and aren't sure how to fix it? Are you wondering if certain characters are necessary to the outcome of the book? (More on that below.) Just not sure how to define your theme and carry it throughout the narrative? I can help with those things.

Structural editing, though it may sound like the same thing (and, just to confuse you more, it kind of is), actually refers to reworking the structure of your book. For example, let's say you have a lot of backstory for one of your characters. I might suggest doing a flashback, or changing the timeline, to make it read more smoothly. Maybe that 140,000-word manuscript works better as two separate books? (I mean, I'm just saying ... ) We'll figure that out.

In general, these types of editing involve a three-step process. 1) I read your manuscript and make suggestions. 2) Then we work on what needs to be cut or changed. Can't bring yourself to 'kill your darlings,' as Stephen King advises? I'll do it. This second draft is the heavy lifting stage. 3) Finally, when we're satisfied that the manuscript says what it needs to say, I give it a detailed proofread and copy edit to fine-tune it. And, if you like, I can even format it for submission.

Wait, I'm not sure if my manuscript is ready yet. But I just can't look at it anymore. Can you help me?

You bet. That's called an editorial assessment, which I generally do with longer projects. I'll read your manuscript, note what works/doesn't work, make suggestions, and give you an analysis as to how to improve or proceed.

Most writers are consistent in their errors, particularly in punctuation and overuse of certain words. I can give you a punch list of things to fix on your own. Or, I can fix them for you. We can discuss these options after the assessment and how they work with your budget.

OK, what if I like the state of my manuscript, but I still want it polished?

First of all, I assure you that it has always been my goal to preserve the integrity of the author's voice in every project. I know what it feels like to have my work edited to the point I didn't recognize it, and I understand how upsetting it is. These are your words, your experiences, your thoughts, your imagination, and they deserve to be conveyed. It's important to me that you're satisfied with the finished edit of your work.

But if you want copy editing (checking for spelling, grammar, capitalization, etc.) or proofreading (a final review for all the little oddities that can transpire during the editing process like spacing errors and typos that survived the initial edit), I can help you with those stages of your editing process. I'm a stickler for all those nit-picky details that are often overlooked. Bring 'em my way.

Tell me more about your ghostwriting services.

I've worked on numerous projects, behind the scenes, as a ghostwriter for more than 20 years. From young adult to thrillers, sci-fi, and time travel fiction, to cookbooks, advertorial content, school histories, and legal blogs. My name rarely appears on those works, but that's fine. I like being a 'ghost.' It affords me the opportunity to learn new things and help others share their ideas. And to be honest, it's the coolest job. Every day is a new adventure.

As a ghostwriter, I can help you develop your fiction or non-fiction project, create an outline, suggest chapters, and write or co-write with you. Every project and every author is different. Let me know what you need and we'll discuss how I can help make it happen.

How much is this going to cost me?

It's impossible to give an estimate without discussing your project. But I am committed to working with your budget and can suggest options if that's a concern.

I charge the same rate per hour regardless of the project. Whether I'm reading, editing, or ghostwriting, an hour of my time is an hour of my time. Just as it is for you.

What about design services?

Although I'm primarily a writer and editor, I do have some experience with InDesign. If your project requires simple text layout and formatting, I can do those things. But I'm a firm believer in letting the experts be experts. So if you require a more complicated, graphics-rich design, I'll let you know so we're not wasting anyone's time.

So how do we get started?

Let's talk! Email me and we can schedule a consultation to discuss your project.