But First, Coffee – Senorita

Happy Monday! Are you still recovering from Cinco de Mayo? It’s OK … I’m going to help you get your focus back.

This week, I’m featuring a Mexican-inspired cold brew coffee drink from my e-book, Coffee: The New Cocktail.

My mom is from New Mexico, and I remember her making a spicy hot chocolate mix during the holidays, or picking up a package of Ibarra chocolate discs from Cost Plus once in a while for a cold weather treat. This was just normal to me. So, when it suddenly got ‘trendy’ to add cayenne to chocolate dishes, I thought, “Well, that’s cute, but it’s not really new.”

This drink is inspired by those same sweet and spicy flavors. It features chocolate, brown sugar cinnamon, and pumpkin pie syrups, and a pinch of cayenne, if you like. The trick is to mix it well because slurping a glob of cayenne through your straw will make you gag. True story.

This is a perfect treat in the afternoon, especially on a Monday. Don’t lament the end of Cinco de Mayo. Just sip this and remember it fondly.

Are you a cold brew coffee fan?