But First, Coffee – Dubliner

It’s Monday again, so it’s time for another edition of But First, Coffee. Today, I’m highlighting the Dubliner from Coffee: The New Cocktail.

Named after James Joyce’s collection of 15 short stories, this cold brew concoction features Irish cream, chocolate, and peppermint. But don’t worry. It won’t make everything turn gloomy and gray. Much of Joyce’s storytelling brings to mind solemn, stark, depressing images, regret, despair, poverty, and an overall foreboding tone of death.

Well, then … that sounds like a cheery inspiration for your afternoon pick-me-up, now doesn’t it?

On the bright side, it’s delicious. So, there’s that.

It can be tough to find Irish cream syrup throughout the year, and I try to stock up around March, when it’s abundant for St. Patrick’s Day. You can substitute vanilla, but I think the Irish cream gives it a smoother flavor.

I’m one of those odd people who dislikes peppermint. I know. It’s not common. Candy canes? Nah. Starlight mints? No, thanks. Shamrock shake? Gag. Peppermint mocha? Absolutely not. It reminds me of the toothpaste we used when I was a kid. But, when coupled with chocolate and Irish cream, I can tolerate it. Creating this recipe reinforced the idea that sometimes it’s good to try new things.

And, guess what? It’s a great way to change your mood when life feels gloomy and gray.

Are you a peppermint fan?  



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