Beautiful Words – Clatterfart


There’s a whole lot of chaos going on in the world these days. Isn’t it good to take a break and laugh once in a while?

With that in mind, for this edition of Beautiful Words, I’m introducing you to another funny word. It’s one that might make you snicker, chortle, or at least chuckle.

Why is it that talk of bodily functions makes us giggle like 12-year-old boys? That’s a rhetorical question. But I still kind of wonder. 

At any rate, this week’s word is clatterfart. And I think, given our political climate riddled with ‘leakers’ (here come the giggles again), and accused flippers, the word clatterfart seems appropriate, even if it conjures inappropriate thoughts.

It’s a noun, and it means:

someone who can’t keep a secret

Sounds very appropriate for the state of our world, don’t you think? I thoroughly intend to work the word clatterfart into my vocabulary, the sooner the better.

What are some of your favorite words?