Editor Problems – Apart

Today, I want to delve into Editor Problems, also known as stuff that drives me crazy.

We live in an automated society. We don’t have to get out of our cars to withdraw money from our bank or order food. We have the ability to pay our bills or apply for a mortgage online. We can binge watch just about anything from our beds and enjoy pizza delivery while we’re at it. We type a series of symbols into a keyboard and a ride arrives at our door or our shopping order is placed, without ever having to speak to anyone.

I get it. We’re lazy.

But that can be frustrating to the grammar nerd/editor/proofreader that I am.

Let’s talk about the word apart.

I see it misused with greater frequency lately. As in, “I’m so happy to be apart of this wonderful organization.”

Uhh, no.

Notice how I referred to it as “the word,” singular? Apart, as one word, means separate. As in, separated by distance, or off to the side.

What people often mean when they use “apart” is “a part,” two words. As in, a piece of something, an amount, a portion of the whole. Or, if it’s easier to remember, “part of.”

So, when people say they’re “happy to be apart of something,” it really means they’re happy to be distanced from it. That’s usually the exact opposite of what they mean to say. Unless they’re just trying to be cleverly shady, of course.

Does the misuse of certain words drive you crazy?