Beautiful Words – Metanoia


The last several months have brought many transitions. Most notably, I left a three-decade relationship and moved back to my home state, so that my kids and I could be closer to family. But there have been many small transitions as well.

  • I’ve had the opportunity to write much more frequently.
  • I’ve read more books, magazines,¬†and¬†newspapers.
  • I’ve watched less television.
  • I’m more active.
  • I’ve gone back to healthier eating.
  • I’ve let go of many things – people, habits, ways of thinking – that were no longer serving me. And the truth is that I don’t miss them.

For today’s edition of Beautiful Words, I chose metanoia. It’s a noun. It means: the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self, or way of life.

I’m embracing metanoia these days because it’s helping me get to where I want to be, where I always knew I could be, but was afraid to venture. I spent a lot of time feeling unsupported in my decisions, even though I knew they were right. That creates a conflict that manifests itself in a lack of confidence and an overall feeling of inadequacy. It also comes with a nasty side of “why do I bother?” mentality that can be hard to dissolve.

But that’s all over now.

Thanks to metanoia, I’m seeing my worth and allowing myself to thrive, personally and professionally. Stay tuned. There’s much more to come.

What beautiful words describe you?