It's important to me that you're satisfied with my work. But it's not my opinion that matters. Take a look at what my clients have to say.


"Donna is an excellent writer and reporter. She has the uncanny ability, through questions and investigating reporting, to relay the essence of a person or a business in an engaging and eloquent way. If you need a business profile done on your company, Donna is the person to contact." ~ Gilda Fracchia, publisher, Bay Area Parent


"Over the past two years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Donna on numerous projects across several diverse genres, from Sci-fi to thriller, military to children’s books. She is an accomplished editor who can do both simple proofing and in-depth developmental editing. Her skills also include a deep level of story mapping and pace management, to key issues management, such as addressing delicate topics, and overall flow revision management for multiple books in a series. Donna’s capability to edit, improve, and, when necessary, ghostwrite key sequences has helped us solve some major struggles in more than one languishing manuscript. I trust her judgment and capability to drive the message behind the text. She is very capable, consistent, and hard working." ~ Justin Mitson, Publishing Director, Amberjack Publishing


"Donna is quick (which is priceless when you're trying to get a manuscript in by a tight deadline), has a great eye, and is warm and friendly to work with. I found her sound and knowledgeable in her judgement and decision making while editing my work: to the point where I trusted her implicitly and didn't feel the need to scrutinize every change she made. If you're looking for a proofer or editor, I strongly recommend Donna." ~ Melyssa Williams, Author and Blogger